OVA Photography Class

dorothycameraPhotography 14 Weeks - Starts Sept. 6, 2018 

Taught by Dorothy Johnston

1:30 - 2:30 grades 5 - 8
2:30 - 3:30 grades 9 - 12

Students will be learning camera basics with emphasis on key elements like Aperture, Shutter speed and Depth of field. We'll learn how each are key to creating the perfect digital image.

Each lesson will conclude with an interactive demonstration to use / see each technique in action. We'll explore and learn the different options in lens and how/when to use each. Students will learn the art of composing and image, conveying/ capturing movement and also touch on the color and light. They will see how all these lessons play an important part in creating effective interesting images in photography.

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100625dj026About Dorothy

Dorothy Johnston has a passion for photography. She is caring and thorough and strives to make every photo session unique and memorable. The quality of her work testifies that she goes to great lengths to stay current with the changing trends and tools of photography. She has a great gift for capturing spiritual bonds and heartfelt emotions. She is professional and well educated in her trade. Dorothy holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Commercial Photography from Center of Creative Studies in Detroit. She was awarded a Macabee Scholarship her sophomore year for a Ciba-Chrome print created fora class assignment... and continues to challenge her creativity daily in her profession.